Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teach Me...

Teach me to sing from a broken heart
As well from a heart filled with peace
That praises to You in all circumstance
My lips are quick to release
Teach me to dance when my legs are still
The dance of life overflowing
Lift me in Your Loving arms
As Your life to my limbs is bestowing
Teach me to rein in every thought
That glorifies not Your Name
That rich or poor, sick or well
I will worship You just the same

Psalm 145:2 "Every day will I bless Thee; and I will praise Thy Name forever and ever."

By Cherry Bieber 12-10-11

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't Go With The Flow

By Cherry Bieber August 27, 2011

The rivers flow so freely,

succumbing to gravity pull

At times just barely moving,

caught in slumbering lull

Not mindful of the cliff ahead,

careening over the edge

Laughing at the boundaries,

the orderly, cautious hedge

Tis a glorious life for water,

Creating marvels for the human eye

But a disastrous way for people,

for it destroys them by and by

We must consider where we are walking,

beware of the precipice edge

Scoff not at those whose wisdom

keeps them from that ledge

At the bottom of a waterfall

there is beauty to admire

But the end of a life lived carelessly,

is mangled by indulged desire

Cling to the Rock on the narrow path,

refusing the easier way

And life in truest abundance

will be yours to live one day

Having followed there, the Master,

Whose ways are not our own,

We will cast aside all fetters

and live eternal the life we have sown.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finding You

  Though I have not understood

others' need for a clan

or the claim to "family"

by the blood of a man

I have watched the horizon

of the child still in me

who watches and waits

and hopes she will see

the brother remembered

on life's ocean shore

we were so very young

behind childhood's door

Laugh, if you will

and claim me a fool

for a heart still tender

after hard-knock school

But Jesus was there

as we played in the dirt

and He is with us still

He is salve for the hurt

He is hope for the wounds

so deep through years

and His Loving hand

will dry our tears

Friday, July 8, 2011

While We Wait

You hold us, Father,

While we wait

Suffering mankinds

Declining state

You bid us all

To overcome

Holding fast

Till day is done

You comfort us

And store our tears

Speaking words of Love

You calm our fears

Your eyes behold us

While we sleep

Reminding us

We are in Your keep

Not bound to time

You are not late

Remind us this, Lord

While we wait

Revelation 22:20

“He who testifieth these things saith, 'Surely I come quickly.'  Amen.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

Written by Cherry Bieber

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You Suppose?

If thunder rolled and the Lord God spoke

Saying, “It’s time to break that yoke;

To come away from evil things,

Those wretched, dark imaginings;

In twenty-four hours I will split the sky

and gather My own in the blink of an eye.”

Do you suppose, we would understand

That eternity was now at hand?

Or would our eyes, in image immersed,

Have numbed our hearts to what is cursed?

Would lust for that which entertains

have destroyed desire for He Who reigns,

replaced by a screen, engulfed by a stage

as we drink in the latest rage?

Would the image that strokes the flesh of man

Have scarred so deep that we no longer can

hear the voice that calls with urgent warning

to follow Him to His glorious morning?

Though as one in the desert continues to cry,

“Make way for the Lord, His time is nigh,”

do you suppose man’s lust for power

will find us full dead in that twenty-fourth hour?

Will right be called wrong and wrong be called right?

Will we be dead-living in darkest of night?

The Word of God says that no man can learn

the day or the hour that He will return.

As the days of Noah, that day will be.

Do you suppose we’ll be slave or free?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Waiting In Faith

The rain gently streams down the window
A breeze rocks the now empty swings
And perched between barbs on the wire
A meadowlark heartily sings
A song of a day that is coming
When eyes will be drawn to the east
And God's children are taken up with Him
The greatest of whom were once least
So endure now this sorrow, my brethren
Let us remind one another to stand
Though we know not the day He is coming
Let Him find us, with faith, hand in hand

Friday, January 7, 2011


Rain again!  Oh, heaven blessed!
The earth drinks in with laughter
‘Twas dry so long and cursed it seemed
Would perish ever after
But listen, can you hear it?
The patter on the roof
Sounding now like horses
A thousand on the hoof
Oh, Father, You are faithful
To the cry from earnest heart
Your aid is ever coming
For You always do Your part
Let this rain flow from Your heavens
‘Til the earth has had her fill
And bring to life hearts’ foliage
When all is calm and still

Reveal to us Your wonder

That full of awe we’ll stand
Hearts aflame, praising You
For Your works in all the land

By Cherry Bieber

September 10, 2003

Copyright 2011