Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't Go With The Flow

By Cherry Bieber August 27, 2011

The rivers flow so freely,

succumbing to gravity pull

At times just barely moving,

caught in slumbering lull

Not mindful of the cliff ahead,

careening over the edge

Laughing at the boundaries,

the orderly, cautious hedge

Tis a glorious life for water,

Creating marvels for the human eye

But a disastrous way for people,

for it destroys them by and by

We must consider where we are walking,

beware of the precipice edge

Scoff not at those whose wisdom

keeps them from that ledge

At the bottom of a waterfall

there is beauty to admire

But the end of a life lived carelessly,

is mangled by indulged desire

Cling to the Rock on the narrow path,

refusing the easier way

And life in truest abundance

will be yours to live one day

Having followed there, the Master,

Whose ways are not our own,

We will cast aside all fetters

and live eternal the life we have sown.