Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You Suppose?

If thunder rolled and the Lord God spoke

Saying, “It’s time to break that yoke;

To come away from evil things,

Those wretched, dark imaginings;

In twenty-four hours I will split the sky

and gather My own in the blink of an eye.”

Do you suppose, we would understand

That eternity was now at hand?

Or would our eyes, in image immersed,

Have numbed our hearts to what is cursed?

Would lust for that which entertains

have destroyed desire for He Who reigns,

replaced by a screen, engulfed by a stage

as we drink in the latest rage?

Would the image that strokes the flesh of man

Have scarred so deep that we no longer can

hear the voice that calls with urgent warning

to follow Him to His glorious morning?

Though as one in the desert continues to cry,

“Make way for the Lord, His time is nigh,”

do you suppose man’s lust for power

will find us full dead in that twenty-fourth hour?

Will right be called wrong and wrong be called right?

Will we be dead-living in darkest of night?

The Word of God says that no man can learn

the day or the hour that He will return.

As the days of Noah, that day will be.

Do you suppose we’ll be slave or free?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Waiting In Faith

The rain gently streams down the window
A breeze rocks the now empty swings
And perched between barbs on the wire
A meadowlark heartily sings
A song of a day that is coming
When eyes will be drawn to the east
And God's children are taken up with Him
The greatest of whom were once least
So endure now this sorrow, my brethren
Let us remind one another to stand
Though we know not the day He is coming
Let Him find us, with faith, hand in hand